Satoshi House
Bitcoin experience

Stay Humble

One of the hottest Bitcoin places to stay
Located in The Netherlands near the border of Belgium so you get the best of both countries.
Dive into the Northsea and enjoy beautiful beaches with great nature.

It’s a place where Bitcoin people gather and others get orange pilled.
If you dare to enter the Fiat Escape Room, nothing will be the same again, if you get your way out of the rabbit holes.

From the garage at Satoshi House new developments are rising up so you may test and experience our latest developments.

We also host Bitcoiners Maxi Weekends & Bitcoin Workshops

Participe in your future!

Start & Go

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Voor de eenmalige kosten ontvang je

  • Een Bitcoin Lightning Wallet configuratie
  • Een Lightning adres
  • Testtransactie
  • Inregelen wallet backup
  • Oplevering zakelijk Bitcoin betaalpakket waarmee je in Bitcoin kunt afrekenen in je onderneming, online in webshop of via facturatie.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) dat we bij oplevering samen met je testen.